Blog 9-Transferring Flights

When ye art transferring between flights, it can be nice to stretcheth thy legs for a bit but also annoying that you have to try and catcheth your next flight. It can be stressful for thee if thy plane is late or if thee knowest not where to go.

Before thee get off of thy first flight, thee should check and see if thee knowest what gate thee are going to next.  If thee have time before thee have to board thy next plane then thee can take some time to looketh around the airport and doeth some shopping. If thee lackest time then thee should go straight to thy gate.

If thy first plane arrives late, this can be very stressful. Be ready to go to thy next plane as soon as thee get off the one thee are on. If thee are transferring flights, thee might not haveth to go through any security checks depending on what country thee are in. If thee are about to miss thy flight, try to get on it and leave thy luggage. They will send thy luggage on the next plane going to thy final destination. God speed.

Air Pressure Management and Traveling with Infants

Air Pressure Management and Traveling with Infants

One of the problems about traveling by airplane is takeoff and landing. During take off and landing, your ears tend to hurt. This is because as the airplane flies higher into the air the air pressure gets less dense. This means that the air that is trapped in your ears causes your eardrums to push outwards, creating the pain that you feel in your ears. When you are landing the air pressure around you increases and it pushes the eardrums inward, creating pain again. The good thing is that the pain in your ears never lasts long after you are either up in the air or on the ground again.

To make your flight more enjoyable there are some ways that you can stop your ear from hurting before they even start to! The first way you can do this is by chewing gum. Chewing gum uses muscles around your Eustachian tube. This helps equalize the pressure on either side of your eardrums.

Other ways of preventing your ears from hurting are: by sucking on a candy, yawning or by eating something.  On most planes the flight attendants will entreat you to take a candy to suck on so be sure to take it.

If you are traveling with a baby, remember that their ears are more sensitive to changes in the air pressure than yours so if they start to cry during take off or landing you know why. Since they obviously can’t suck on the candies that the flight attendants hands out, you have to be prepared with other ways of helping them.

The best way to relieve their pain is to feed them. The sucking action helps to equalize the pressure on either side of the eardrum. You can also give them a pacifier or soother. A second benefit of the sucking action is that it might help the baby fall asleep.  A sleeping baby will make the flight much more enjoyable for yourself. A sleeping baby also helps you avoid the wrath of fellow travellers who won’t become vexed by baby noise.

Speaking of progeny, let’s move on to the second topic in this blog post, traveling with infants.  Before you get on the airplane you should make sure that your baby is wearing comfortable clothes so that it will easily fall asleep. The clothing should also be easy to put on and take off in case you need to change their clothes due to spills or accidents. If you are flying to meet up with family or to attend a nuptial, then you should save your baby’s pretty outfit until just before landing to make sure that the outfit doesn’t get dirty.

If you have planned ahead, you will have booked your seats in the bulkhead. Bulkhead seats have a place where you can attach a bassinet as well as allowing you to stretch your legs out and get comfortable. Your baby may sleep better in the bassinet rather than in your arm. You will also be more comfortable.

When travelling with a baby it is important that you bring everything that your baby might need including enough diapers, a change of clothes, some toys and a baby bottle. Even though airlines keep a good supply of baby food, you should probably remember to bring your own in case your baby won’t eat the airline brand.

Being prepared always makes flights more enjoyable. Adieu until my next blog post.

Source: GetAwayTips

Blog 7-Poetry


Loons laugh loudly on the lake,
A beaver smacks a warning with its tail as
loud as a gun shot,
Geese honk as they take flight from the lake,
A moose bellows to its mate.
I observe all this while sitting in a canoe
as the sun sets over the lake.

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Blog 5-Seating Pros and Cons

     In this blog post I am going to talk about the pros and cons of wear you sit on an airplane. First, let’s talk about the pros and cons of where you sit on a small plane. On a small plane, depending on what airlines you are flying on, there are many different combinations of seating arrangements. For example on some planes there are three seats on one side of the plane and three seats on the other side. There can also be two and two.

     The pros of having an aisle seat are that you don’t have to ask the people that are sitting beside you to get up and move when you have to go to the bathroom. You also have an arm rest, were as the person in the middle is stuck between two people. The cons of having an aisle seat are that when people walk past you they sometimes bump you and when the flight attendants are passing out food they always have to reach past you to hand the food to the person sitting in the window seat. The pros of having a window seat are that you can lean against the window when you want to sleep and that you get to look out the window and be in charge of opening the window anytime you want. It is nice when you get to decide when to open the blinds. It is annoying when the person sitting in the window seat leaves the blinds open when other people are trying to sleep though. The cons are that you have to ask the people beside you to move every time you want to stand up. The person that has to sit in the middle seat is kind of unlucky because they are squished in between two people. But, if you are traveling with another person and you are sitting in the middle seat you can put the arm rest up and lye on them.

     When you are on a bigger plane then there will be five seats in the middle. If you are sitting in one of those seats then you can stretch out if no one is sitting there. You can just put the arm rests up and lye down. But, if there are people sitting there, you will have to pass a bunch of people when getting out of your seat to do anything.

     If you are sitting at the back of the plane then you should keep in mind that the engine can be particularly noisy back there. Also, if you are in the last seats the chairs might not be able to recline at all. If you sit at the very front of the plane and are in a bulkhead seat the pros are that you will be able to stretch out your legs and won’t have to worry about the people sitting in front of you reclining their chairs. The con is that you will have to put your carry-on luggage in the storage bins above instead of under the seat in front of you. This is annoying because every time you need something out of your bag you have to stand up to get it.

     I hope that this will help you decide where to sit when choosing your seats.

Blog 4-Food on an Airplane

     When you’re on an airplane, sometimes the food they serve you can be sickening. The airlines actually expect you to eat the food that they provide you with!? It is a frozen meal that they just warmed up! I know that you can’t expect the perfect steak when you are in the air, but it would still be nice to have something that is edible for a change. However, until the airlines start serving better food, here are a few snacks that you can bring along with you.

       First of all, you can bring dried fruit or nuts. Granola bars are also good to bring and can fill you up. Another thing to fill you up is cheese. You can bring small packets of cheese like Babybels or string cheese.


     If you want a bread-like snack, you can always pack mini sandwiches like peanut butter or cheese whiz in your bag. You can also pack a bagel. If you want something that is a bit more like a proper meal then you can always bring a Cup of Noodles.

 Bringing a Cup of Noodles is actually very smart because you can just ask one of the flight attendants to pour some hot water into the cup. Since they always have hot water for making tea, this will be a very easy request for them to fulfill. You can fit several Cup of Noodles in your bag and then just throw out the container when you are finished. The great thing about this, is that there are lots of different flavors of noodles.  Some flavors are beef, chicken, shrimp, creamy chicken, spicy chili chicken and salsa picante chicken.

     When you’re on an airplane it is important that you remember to drink lots of water. You can easily become dehydrated because the air in a commercial airplane has very low humidity making the air extremely dry.


Sickening: To feel sick to the stomach or disgusted.

Edible: Something that is safe to eat.

Granola Bar: An energy bar made of oats and dried fruits or nuts.

Babybel: An individual serving of mild cheese that comes in a wax covering.

Bagel: A round donut shaped bread roll that is made by boiling the dough and then

            baking it.

Request: To ask for something.

Picante: A Spanish word meaning spicy.

Dehydrated: To lose a lot of water.

Humidity: The amount of water vapor in the air.

Extremely: To a great degree of something.

Freedom of Expression

To me freedom of expression is the right to express what you feel inside. As a person I have the right to say anything. As an international blogger freedom of expression is the freedom to write and post what you like on the internet and speak you mind on matters that you feel strongly about. You can talk about your interests like sports or fashion, literature, television. You can also talk about more serious matters like religion and politics.


Welcome to my blog! Here yo will find all sorts of cool tips that will come in handy when you are traveling on an airplane. Vacations are great but the way of transportation can be uncomfortable. They say that the journey is part of the whole experience but you can’t fully enjoy that experience if you are uncomfortable or rushed. By reading this blog you will find ways that you can travel comfortably by getting to the airport early, bringing stuff to entertain you well you are waiting in all the lines or on the plain and ways that you can travel light and use one item for a few different purposes.

Post 3: Traveling with Children

     When you are traveling with children, eventually they’ll get bored of watching movies so you should always have some games in mind. Some multiplayer games you can play with your kids are finger puppets, mime language, and pack a suitcase.

      ‘Finger puppets’ is self-explanatory. You can draw on your fingers and then make a play. You can use a page from a magazine on the plane as the backdrop. ‘Mime language’ is where you don’t speak to each other and have to mime out what you are trying to say. This is a good game when you are on a night flight and other people around you are trying to sleep. ‘Pack a suitcase’ is a remembering game. One person will say “I’m packing a suitcase and bringing a __________.” The next person would repeat what the first person said and then add another thing to what they are packing. You keep adding on until one person forgets something and then you start again.

      If you are tiring of playing with your kid, there are some games they can play by themselves. The first game is called ‘One-Fifty’. You play by finding a number that goes with the number of things. For example, there is one airplane, two pilots, 3 bathrooms … and fifty seats. Other games that your kids can play are single line picture and the other planet.  To play ‘Simple line picture” you need paper and a pen/pencil. Next choose someone to draw. You then have to try to draw the person without lifting your pen off the paper so that it is all one line. “The other planet” is a pretend game. You pretend that you are on a trip to a completely new planet. You are going to become king/queen of the planet. Describe your planet, like what do you eat, what do you wear, what do they look like. You can also make up special rules. ‘

     Another fun thing you can do, if the plane isn’t that full, is make a fort. Just gather some blankets from the empty seats and drape them over the top of your seat. Then if you have an aisle seat, place a blanket so that it creates a mini door. This will also help you stay warm if the plane is cold. When you need to stretch you can make it more fun. While staying seated, try to see how many different ways you can stretch different parts of your body. Start with your toes and go up all the way to your head. Happy flying!

Credits: “52 Fun Things to do on the Plane” card set by Lynn Gordon.

Blog 2: Carry On Entertainment Packing List

     We covered what to bring in your carry on to stay comfy while on the plane in the last blog. In this blog post we can talk about what to bring in your carry on to stay entertained.

      If it is a long flight, there should be TVs on board but if it is a short flight, then some of the older planes don’t always have TVs. On a longer flight, remember to bring a book that will keep you entertained for a while. Bring a book that you are really into so you won’t realize you have been on a plane for 5 hours already. You can also bring a book that you have been meaning to read for a while or a book that you are not really into yet because if you are really bored you will just have to start reading that book.

      Something you can bring in your bag if you are traveling with another person is a mini board game, like snakes and ladders, that are magnetic so the pieces won’t fall of the board. You can bring cards like UNO or just normal playing cards as well.

     If you are traveling by yourself than you should bring an empty notebook and some pens and pencils so you can doodle. If you are tired and don’t feel up to reading than you should bring some magazines that you can easily flip through and look at the pictures. If you are really tired because it is a night flight and your eyes are closing on you but you still can’t fall asleep, then you should bring your I-Pod so you can listen to music or just listen to the music that is provided on the airplane.

     I recommend that you bring your own head sets because on some cheap flights you have to pay for them or they pass them out once the plane is up in the air so you can’t listen to music for a while. You can buy big, comfy earphones at Amazon. The new apple ear pods are also very comfortable and you can wear them for a very long time before your ears start to hurt. Once they are in, you can barely feel them. You can buy a pair at Amazon. The choice is yours.

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